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What is TID Rollover

To recharge a prepaid meter, a prepaid meter user enters a unique 20-digit number called a token. This token is encoded with a unique value called a token ID or TID, for short. When a meter accepts a token, it stores the token ID (TID) to prevent the same token being accepted more than once. The upper limit of these unique token IDs (TID) will be reached by 24 November 2024. On this day, the token ID (TID) values will be ‘rolled over’ back to zero. Hence the name, TID Rollover

What you need to know

STS Software

Prepaid meter software needs to be updated from STS Edition 1 to STS Edition 2 so that the meter is configured to accept tokens for these new ‘rolled over’ token ID (TID) values. If this is not done, the prepaid meter will not be able to accept tokens and the user will be left without access to electricity.

Key Change Token Pair

The prepaid meter user, specifically, is involved in the final piece of the puzzle – the TID rollover key change process. This process involves a special pair of tokens called a key change token (KCT) that be inserted into the prepaid meter to finalise the update of the prepaid meter software.

We Charge


What will this cost you?

We charge zero additional fees to update your meter!
  • I-switch offers this at no cost with all new tokens issued via receipts when purchasing tokens.
  • I-switch further does not charge any extra fees to issue tokens under TID2.
  • Some older STS prepayment meters may not accept the TID rollover key change tokens and will need to be replaced.


Most frequent questions and answers

All prepaid meter users, vending service providers and meter manufacturers throughout South Africa (and globally) operating on STS Edition 1 software are affected by the Token ID (TID) Rollover taking place on 24 November 2024. Updating the software to prepare for the rollover requires a coordinated and phased approach because it affects everyone in the prepaid meter supply chain. You can read more about this on

Should you not update your meter in time, your meter will not be able to accept any tokens generated after November 2024 and you will be left without access to basic needs.

I-Switch is currently in the process of rolling out the codes needed to update the STS meters we service! We have a broad support team readily available for any assistance needed regarding the TID Rollover.

Each KCT pair is generated with specific encrypted codes for specific meters! You will not be able to share KCT’s with your neighbours in an attempt to update their meters too.

For more information contact your service provider. If i-Switch is your service provider you may contact our customer care on 010 085 4300 or send an email to and we will be happy to assist.

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