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How to Transact Bank to Bank

Bank-to-bank transactions refer to the transfer of money from one bank account to another, either within the same bank or between different banks.

Fee Breakdown

The fee breakdown document provides a detailed account of all the charges associated with a particular service or transaction.

Purchasing Token

Purchasing an electricity token allows consumers to prepay for their electricity usage via digital or mobile platforms. 

Prepaid Water - Annual Rate Increase

Ekurhuleni 2023/24
Johanneburg 2023/24
Tshwane 2023/24

Prepaid Electricity - Annual Rate Increase

Johanneburg 2023/24
Tshwane 2023/24
Ekurhuleni 2023/24

NERSA - Annual Rate Increase

Nersa Notice 2023/24
Homepower 2023/24
Homepower 2024/25